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Struggling in a lonely and disconnected relationship? Let me help you get clarity and confidence so that you can fix your relationship or move forward without regret.

Does your Relationship feel hard?

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No one finds me when things are going well in their relationships so I know you are here because you need help. 

You’ve tried it all – the endless research, reading and doing the popular “self-help” programs, and perhaps even months or years of conventional therapy. After everything you’ve done to “feel good about yourself,” you’re still asking the same questions:

 Why do I still experience feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy?
 Why does my relationships with my  partner continue to struggle and fail?

 Why do I still believe my partner’s approval  is what I need to feel safe and worthy?
 Why do I still feel alone, abandoned and filled with shame, guilt or self-loathing?

Learn the proven method to stop feeling lonely, rejected and unhappy and start feeling desired, taken care of and SPECIAL – even when your relationship seems hopeless. Come discover the ONE underlying cause of all your problems and the secret to healing them!

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These calls are reserved for women who are GENUINELY interested in exploring the possibility of making her relationship work.
Your relationship experience is all about YOU.
Kaysha Ubrani

Relationship Reading

The relationship reading can be done for a couple (dating, engaged or married), It’s a wonderful way to understand each other on a deeper level, discover what the relationship teaches each person, and even gain insight into relationship dynamics caused by the past llives you two spent together.

The participation of both persons is not required for this reading (although it’s so much fun!) However, we do use ethical considerations when deciding whether it’s OK to access the other person’s information. In the case where the other person is neither your child nor current live-in partner and hasn’t given their permission, we can still do this reading for you, but it will focus on your side of the relationship and the shared soul history with that person.
One of the best tools to find out about your shared past life history and karma, soul contracts, life lessons and all the negative blocks your relationship is affected by at the moment and guess what – a clearing as well. It will be removed energetically.

Relationship Coaching

If you’re trying to decide whether to salvage your suffering relationship or lovingly release it… this is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It has far-reaching ripples that touch everything in your life – your kids, friends and family, income and living situation.

Most of the women I speak with are reeling in anxiety and doubt, paralysed by fear and painting every worst-case scenario in their heads. They distract themselves from the heartache by throwing themselves into their children, over drinking or overspending, or finding understanding in the arms of someone else.

And those that become my one to one clients realise they’re finally ready to stop feeling stuck and anxious and need answers so they can finally move forward in one direction or another.

We all need some tweaking and “fixing”. I don’t like the word fix – we are all souls on an experiential journey here, so no decision we make is really wrong. But one thing is for sure, we are 100 percent responsible to make changes in our life if we are unhappy.

What are you waiting for?

Your vibe attracts your tribe
Kaysha Ubrani

What my clients say?

I have met a lot of intuitives over the years, and being an intuitive myself, I can tell in an instant the real deal from the ones that have to learn and try to be intuitive. Kaysha is the real deal and besides real deals are rare! She is very accurate in her readings and most importantly she knew specific details that she wouldn’t know any other way than from psychic insight. She told me about my partner and with her intuitive skills thought me innovaive ways to handle the wierd dynamics of my relationship with guidance from my soul. I trust her skills and besides she is also very compassionate-reads from her heart.
Clancy Moonbeam Fitzegerald
I came in contact with Kaysha at the beginning of the new year. I have gotten several readings from her, and had many different intuitive coaching sessions from her on how to deal with my relationships. Most importantly, Kaysha is a very talented. She has helped me emotionally and spiritually in my twin flame journey. I continue to work with Kaysha because I have felt a huge difference in my life. She is a beautiful and genuine soul and her intuition always just knows the right solution for my relationship woes. Every time I speak with her she is supportive and always gives the best advice for me and my partner.
Jillian Huff
Kaysha has helped in so many ways in my life – from soul realignment to her courses and her intuitive sessions. She is nothing more than amazing. She has helped me bring my smile back. My positivity is so strong that I can not explain. I am so so happy with me, so grateful , so humbled. And I love me which is the most important goal in life. I feel like a totally different person, as a butterfly comes out of its cocoon. Thank you so much Kaysha – what you have helped me and taught me will never go unnoticed and unappreciated. Love you.
Vanessa Perez
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“If you do nothing different in your troubled relationship than what you’re doing today, over time the distance between you will continue to widen.”